Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Birmingham

New Leaf Recovery believes that with the right help and support, anyone can overcome their addiction; whether it be a substance or behavioural addiction.

Our rehabilitation centre is based in Birmingham offers 24-hour support for all of our residents and our drug and alcohol rehab programmes will help you to overcome your addiction and turn over a new leaf.

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    “All the staff and volunteers are amazing. The group sessions were fantastic – I learnt so much even in a short space of time. New Leaf literally saved my life – thank you from the bottom of my heart”
    AG, female age 47

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    Why Choose New Leaf Rehabilitation Centre?

    New Leaf Recovery are one of the top residential rehab centres in the West Midlands, UK

    • Medical Detox Unit
    • 24 Hour Support
    • Small, Homely Intimate Environment
    • Accredited Counsellors Included
    • Everything included - no hidden costs
    • Professional, Empathetic staff with first-hand experience of addiction
    • Holistic Alternative Therapies offered
    • Peer Mentor Support
    • Resettlement & Reintegration Support
    • Aftercare Package Options
    • Family Support & Mediation

    If it's addiction help that you, a friend or maybe a member of your family need caused by drug and alcohol addiction, the New Leaf Recovery Project is here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Rehabilitation Centre Results for Drug and Alcohol Addictions

    We have a unique way of approaching addiction for behavioural and substance addicts. Our proven approach to each individual shows in the results we attain and have maintained since opening.

    To find out more about our bespoke residential rehab treatment programme which includes drug rehab, drug detox and alcohol recovery, call us today on 0300 999 0330.

    New Leaf Results

    Complete Residential Course
    Leave Substance Free

    National Average Results

    Complete Residential Courses
    Leave Substance Free

    Data Provided By National Drug Evidence Centre (NDEC)*


    New Leaf Recovery is a private, residential drug and alcohol rehab centre based in Birmingham, West Midlands. We offer our services and treatments to those suffering from behavioural and substance addictions. We recognise that addiction treatment and recovery has to go further than just rehabilitation; into full resettlement and reintegration into work and society.

    Residential Drugs
    Drug Rehab Centre

    "Whichever type of rehabilitation centre you attend, it is what you put into your own recovery that matters most. A private bedroom, luxurious swimming pool and gourmet food in a tropical paradise might sound like all you need; but you need motivation, dedication and hard work to succeed in recovery, alongside dedicated and professional support from experienced and highly trained medical and therapeutic professionals. Treatment within the setting of a residential therapeutic community can be an extremely supportive and motivating environment, renewing self-esteem, trust and communication and encouraging personal responsibility."
    Quote from The Executive Rehab Guide