New Leaf Testimonials


“New Leaf is an outstanding treatment facility; all the staff were extremely helpful and supportive. I found the counselling and group sessions excellent”

Asaf, 47

“New Leaf felt like a home from home – I feel blessed. During my time here I felt listened to, respected and above all, safe”

Adam, 34

“I’m so glad I chose New Leaf to start my recovery journey. There was no mollycoddling; they were direct and straight talking but caring – exactly what I needed”

Aled, 30

“All the staff and volunteers are amazing. The group sessions were fantastic – I learnt so much even in a short space of time. New Leaf literally saved my life – thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Amanda, 47

“I was impressed with the standards which were high; and very professional”

Andrew, 59

“I learned a lot more about myself at New Leaf than I have at any other rehab. Within a short time of arriving here, I felt at home. I firmly believe that New Leaf provides a much needed service, and does so in an excellent way”

Bernard, 67

“I’ve got to be honest – I hated it when I first came in and started my detox! But I’m going away with nothing but gratitude and respect for New Leaf and what they have done for me”

Carl, 36

“Listening to others share their experiences at New Leaf gives you hope – you realise you are not alone and you can change your life with the support of others – it’s never too late”

Karen, 49

“The food was great – I hadn’t eaten properly for months before I came into New Leaf and now I’m back to three healthy meals a day!”

Catherine, 52

“New Leaf got me in so quickly – my parents spoke to staff who dealt with things efficiently and within two hours I had been admitted”

Chris, 36

“I expected my time at New Leaf would involve a lot of pain and confusion – climbing the mountain again. I was experiencing a complete void in my life and felt totally disconnected from myself. Being at New Leaf has been a magical journey, for which I will be eternally grateful. I felt totally safe to explore what was going on for me. Also, the mediation with my family was superb. The facilitator was able to shine a light on all my behaviours in relation to being an addict”

David, 34

“Rehab at New Leaf was totally different to what I expected – in a good way. It is a very homely and loving environment and I feel physically and emotionally better since my stay”

Emma, 35

“I felt treated as an individual throughout my whole time at New Leaf”

Sarah, 32

“I had a lot of sensitive issues to deal with on arriving at New Leaf. All the staff were extremely caring and supportive. My key-worker was great – so approachable and patient. I believe coming to New Leaf was the best decision I have ever made”

Emma, 28

“The New Leaf treatment programme tested me in ways I have never been tested before – mainly in being honest – firstly with myself and then with others around me. Being at New Leaf has given me the belief and the tools to go on and have a clean and sober life – something I never thought possible for someone like me”

Jeff, 42

“All I wanted to do for the first three days was go home…but I’m soooo glad I stayed! The staff and my peers were so welcoming and supportive that I stuck it out and I feel so lucky I was able to have the opportunity to complete my treatment at New Leaf. For once in my life I’m proud of myself”

Kate, 50

“New Leaf is an exceptional facility – and I have been to a few. Its flexible and personal approach, whilst tackling the fundamental issues of addiction, make this first stage process as comfortable as could be hoped for”

Katie, 44

“I have been in and out of rehab during my life, and I can honestly say New Leaf is the best I have experienced.  Staff were incredibly considerate of my needs and both chefs took great care with my dietary requirements. The environment is friendly and homely yet extremely professional. Superb facility”

Peter, 63

“I really didn’t think I was going to like New Leaf but it is a friendly, comforting and knowledgeable place where my understanding of my addiction was clearly and sympathetically explained – I never felt judged. I learnt so much while I was there and would have really like to have stayed longer”

Ravinder, 53

“I really liked the fact that New Leaf introduced me to recovery meetings within the community – it made it easier for me to carry this on when I got home and I now have a network of support that I didn’t have before which makes all the difference”

Stephen, 44

“I’ve been in rehabs before, but New Leaf is the only one that made me feel positive about myself, and I was able to lay a strong enough foundation to move on and stay clean. I still feel supported by them even after completing my treatment, which is vitally important”

Tracy, 50

“I originally admitted to New Leaf for a two week detox as I was so anxious and fearful, but the staff were brilliant in convincing me to extend my treatment and I ended up graduating after six weeks! I’m so glad I did as otherwise I would have only scratched the surface of all the issues underlying my addiction, and I definitely wouldn’t still be clean today. The New Leaf team did not put any pressure on me to stay, they just guided and supported me in coming to the decision myself and I’m so grateful”

Narinder, 26

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Our Complete Recovery Journey - from your initial enquiry, all the way through treatment and beyond into education, work, resettlement into the community and re-engaging with family, New Leaf are there to guide and support you

New Leaf offer a complete journey of treatment - from detoxification and rehabilitation all the way through to aftercare, family support and beyond into long term recovery

Getting the right accommodation enables us to provide the right backdrop for our recovery methods.  Any form of rehabilitation needs to happen in a safe, comfortable, secure and friendly environment.

Why Choose New Leaf

  • Medical Detox Unit
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Accredited Counsellors Included
  • Professional, Empathetic staff
  • First-hand experience of addiction
  • Holistic Alternative Therapies
  • Peer Mentor Support
  • Resettlement Support
  • Reintegration Support
  • Aftercare Package Options
  • Family Support & Mediation
  • Small, Homely Intimate Environment
  • Everything included - No hidden costs