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Making Life Beautiful Again

11th June 2021

June 11th is national ‘making life beautiful day’. Here at New Leaf, we want to help you make life beautiful again. Reaching out Seeking help for any type of addiction is a huge step forward that is not easy for most people, its often considered to be one the most challenging parts of your journey.…

5 Ways to Avoid Relapse Triggers

7th May 2021

What is a relapse? A relapse is when an individual returns to a drug (illegal, legal or prescription) after not abusing it for a long period of time. It can be part of the process for an individual striving for long-term sobriety. Even though an individual will want to keep fighting for long-term sobriety, triggers…

Coping with Alcohol Addiction and the Re-Opening of Pubs

26th April 2021

  Now that the pubs are gradually starting to re-open for outdoor seating, there’s a sense of normality returning to our world. Whilst that’s exciting and happy news for a lot of people, we understand for some, it might cause concerns and worry about how it could affect their alcohol addiction or previous addiction. If you are currently…

The Links between Alcohol and Depression

4th March 2021

Alcoholism and depression commonly go hand in hand; when an individual has one it is easy to then fall into the other. During lockdown depression symptoms are three times higher than before, and in turn alcohol abuse has increased. With people isolating and not seeing friends or family, many people have lost touch with the…

How to Live with an Alcoholic in Denial

10th February 2021

If you are living with someone who refuses to acknowledge their unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it can be incredibly draining and often, you’ll come stuck on what to do or where to turn to. However, New Leaf Recovery offers advice on the practical things you can do to make your situation easier. There are many…

The Changes Dry January Can Have On Your Body and Mind

13th January 2021

If you have set yourself up for the challenge ‘dry January’, reading this, you will be 12 days or more into successfully completing the challenge. After two weeks of being alcohol free, there are many changes that you will start to notice within your mind and body. These include: Weight loss Consistently drinking alcohol adds…

How Can I Reduce My Drinking Over The Christmas Period?

11th December 2020

During the run up to Christmas, there are parties thrown by family members and friends, giving many of us an excuse to drink alcohol. However, you can still attend these events without excessive amounts of drinking, or even consuming alcohol at all. Our preparation steps and advice will help you find ways to reduce drinking…

Recovering Addicts More at Risk of a Relapse Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic

24th November 2020

As it approaches the end of 2020, coronavirus is still affecting many people’s lives and the lives of those around them. The number of positive cases started to decline after the first lockdown then, out of nowhere, that little bit of hope passed. The continuing cycle leaves individuals uncertain of when everything will return to…

COVID-19 Updates & Safety Precautions

24th November 2020

We are proud to confirm that New Leaf Recovery has remained Covid-19 free by implementing all the necessary Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC) measures following the IPC cleaning specifications. This involves terminally cleaning all bedrooms and communal areas which also involves electro-static disinfection. Electo-static treatment significantly reduces the number of infectious viable pathogens and airborne bacteria, ensuring…

What Your Body Does After Being One-Month Alcohol-Free

26th October 2020

Whether you are choosing to go sober because of an addiction, health benefits or to join in with Sober October, there are many ways in which your body will benefit from abstaining from alcohol for a whole month. These include: Improving your mental health Staying away from alcohol from as little as one month is…

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