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Spotting Teen Internet Addiction

13th May 2022

In a world where everyone is connected to the internet but seems more disconnected than ever, it’s hard to find someone that isn’t glued to their phone, including teenagers or even children. Traditional views of addiction may assume substance use, but behavioural addictions are real and can have detrimental effects on our lives. However, because…

What Is Addiction?

6th May 2022

Addiction can be difficult to define, and when asked people tend to struggle to explain what the term means, both itself and how it affects those struggling with it. The NHS defines addiction as not having control of taking, using, or doing something. This action is often to the point of being harmful to you.…

Boredom in Addiction Recovery

29th April 2022

Feeling bored is a part of life and is not an uncommon feeling. There are many reasons to feel bored, but boredom isn’t always bad. The human brain simply cannot sustain 24/7 stimulation and needs downtime and rest, even if these moments feel boring. But in today’s fast-paced society, boredom has been demonised. But for…

Where Did the 12 Steps Come From?

22nd April 2022

You’ve probably heard of the 12 steps program, especially if you’ve ever considered addiction recovery. But what exactly is it, how did it start, and how did it become so widely spread as one of the most well know recovery programs? What Is the 12 Steps Program? The 12 steps program is a popular addiction…

What Is it Like to Have Your Stomach Pumped?

15th April 2022

If you’ve ingested something toxic, like poisonous chemicals, getting your stomach pumped could save your life – or at the very least reduced the risk of serious complications. This procedure is commonly used after an overdose for this exact reason. A stomach pump can be used no matter what substance has caused the emergency, whether…

Stress Awareness Month

8th April 2022

In the last few years, the effect that stress can have on our lives has become more obvious. As we’ve lived through unprecedented times, more and more people have struggled with addiction, whether these addictions be new or relapse. Stress is a well knows risk factor in the development of addiction or for increased vulnerability…

Why You’re an Angry Drunk and How to Stop

1st April 2022

An angry drunk is how many people jokingly refer to someone that becomes unpredictable or violent after drinking alcohol. The range of an angry drunk can be from someone that becomes mean or a bit shouty, to someone who is far too aggressive for the setting. Hostile behaviour such as this can be a real…

Managing Cravings When They Hit

25th March 2022

When a craving suddenly hits it can feel very out of the blue and even disheartening, especially if you’ve been making steady progress with your recovery. For many, knowing how to deal with these cravings can be difficult. Cravings are a very real phenomenon. While many people won’t think twice before giving in to their…

Stay Sober This St. Patrick’s Day!

17th March 2022

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and for many, this may be the first big test in recovery since any initial alcohol addiction treatment. Whether you’re hoping to celebrate today, at the weekend, or not at all, New Leaf Recovery is here to offer you support in your continued sobriety. Origins of St. Paddy’s Day When…

Overcome Your Addiction on No Smoking Day

11th March 2022

You may not have realised, but National No Smoking Day 2022 was on March 9th this week! This annual health awareness day first started in 1984 and encourages people to try and stop smoking. At New Leaf Recovery, we know how hard it can be to overcome addiction, and so we want to show our…

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