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New Leaf News

Alcohol related deaths among women in the UK at the highest rate in 10 years

2nd January 2019

Due to the increase in the misuse of alcohol, there are many more alcohol-related deaths. This affects both men and women; however, the number of women which have lost or are losing their lives to alcohol is extremely high and has broken the record according to the Office of National Statistics. Figures show that in…

The difference between private and free rehab centres UK

2nd December 2018

When seeking rehabilitation from your addiction, free rehab centres may seem like the right choice, especially when these free programmes could work. However, free programmes aren’t always as effective as they could be. Something to bear in mind when choosing between free and private rehabilitation is the waiting times involved with free rehab.  Due to…

Closing of rehabilitation centres in the last five years

5th November 2018

Approximately a third of all publicly funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have closed in the last 5 years and therefore the lack of support for those addicts who are looking to come clean has unfortunately decreased. In April 2013, according to the private drug rehab provider UK addiction treatment centres, there were 195 publicly…

Katie Price Checks into Rehab Following PTSD Diagnosis

1st October 2018

  After suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), former model Katie Price has checked herself into rehab, which is believed to be for 28 days. This news comes after a tough few months, which included a divorce from Kieran Hayler and drug use allegations. PTSD is a type of anxiety that is often diagnosed after a…

Tom Hardy explains the problems he had with his addiction

13th August 2018

On Friday 10th August 2018, Tom Hardy admitted about his drug addiction and the problems he had with it. Tom Hardy celebrated his 13th year of being sober this year but however says that he must stay in control to ensure it doesn’t take over his life. He quit drugs in 2003 but however turned…

Digital addiction increases loneliness and depression

3rd May 2018

Smartphones are an integral part of most people’s lives, allowing us to stay connected and in-the-know at all times. The downside of that convenience is that many of us are also addicted to the constant pings, chimes, vibrations and other alerts from our devices, unable to ignore new emails, texts and images. Study: published in…

Study finds alcohol use is biggest risk factor for dementia

3rd May 2018

Alcohol use disorders are the most important preventable risk factors for the onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset dementia. This according to a nationwide observational study, published in The Lancet Public Health journal, of over one million adults diagnosed with dementia in France. This study looked specifically at the effect of alcohol use disorders, and…

Children & Drug Use

13th April 2018

It has been reported recently that drug use is beginning as young as 11 years old in Britain. Drug use is most certainly on the up amongst British children and teenagers. In fact, British teenagers are more likely than their European counterparts to have taken illegal drugs. Although cannabis is still the most heavily used…

brighter future with rehab

Rehab, Recovery and what it means for families

29th March 2018

  New Leaf have worked in Rehab for some time! At new leaf we are proud of what we have created and even more proud of the success stories.  Helping people change there lives from what appears at the time to be a some what dark and gloomy place with no hope or future to…

drug addiction and recovery relapse

Drug Addiction and Recovery Relapse

26th March 2018

Addiction and Relapse Recently Anthony McPartlin has hit the headlines after having a head on collision on a Sunday afternoon.   In the other car was a family including a three 3 year old child.  Ant was breathalysed at the scene and was found to be over the drink drive limit. He has since been charged…

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