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Can Pets Aid Addiction Recovery?

5th August 2022

Roughly 59% of households in the UK have a pet! That is a staggering total of approximately 17 million homes! Pets become part of the family when in the home. They become part of daily routines of life and people tend to change their routines around their pets too! But did you know that pets…

What Is Love Addiction?

29th July 2022

Love addiction is when someone creates a fixation or compulsion around someone else. It can lead to unhealthy behaviour towards their ‘loved’ one, leading to further problems down the line. Common Signs of Love Addiction People often confuse love addiction with sex addiction, but it is important to understand that these are two very different…

Importance of Mental Health

22nd July 2022

Mental Health Issues are on the rise! In today’s world where we are always connected, mental health cases are rising rapidly. More people are suffering with anxiety, depression, and a sense of loneliness. Although this is not something new, it has been boosted significantly in terms of awareness and numbers since the Covid-19 pandemic. It…

EFT or Tapping in Addiction Recovery

15th July 2022

EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques] is also called ‘Tapping’ and can be utilised as a tool to help with addiction recovery. This technique brings together principles from traditional Chinese medicine, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT], and neuroscience to achieve maximum benefit.  The combined benefit of using these various techniques may lead to restructuring thought patterns, forcing them…

Drug & Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

8th July 2022

During pregnancy, anything a woman puts into her body will also go into the body of their baby through the placenta. The placenta is for oxygen flow and nutrients delivery throughout the pregnancy term. If the mum-to-be has any form of addiction, these harmful substances can pass through to the unborn baby too!  The Effects…

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Has Relapsed

1st July 2022

Steven Tyler, singer for the rock band Aerosmith, has relapsed. This relapse has sadly meant the band have had to cancel their June and July gigs in Las Vegas, leaving fans saddened by this and the news of Steven. For over a decade now Steven has been sober. His last visit to rehab was in…

Discovering Addiction in the Home

24th June 2022

If you suspect somebody in your home is suffering from addiction, this can be a difficult situation to handle. It can be challenging to decide the most appropriate way to address your concerns and can often be overwhelming to take it all in yourself. It is important to try and stay calm and not act…

Russell Brand’s Story Through Addiction

17th June 2022

Russell Brand has been at the front of sobriety in the public eye for a long time. Despite going through his recovery many years ago, he continues to use his platform, as a comedian, author, actor, and podcaster, to motivate others with his story. Addiction in the Spotlight He has candidly spoken about his journey…

How Do You Know if You’re Addicted to Video Games?

10th June 2022

What Is Video Game Addiction? In a world where new technology is released every month, it is not hard to believe that gaming has become more of a trend among younger generations. Having been through a pandemic and lock-down, gaming has become almost a friend to so many people. Is Video Game Addiction a Real…

Are You Addicted to Retail Therapy?

3rd June 2022

Since the pandemic began, the online retail world has advanced rapidly and in 2021, over 86% of the UK population were finding their retail therapy online! Online shopping is such an easy thing to do in today’s world and you can often find yourself looking at something new to buy. Impulsive behaviour takes hold, and…

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