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7 Reasons Why People Abuse Drugs

7th December 2021

There are many reasons as to why individuals abuse drugs, and they will vary greatly from individual to individual. However, in this article, we discuss seven of the most prevelant reasons why people use drugs. 1) Experimental purposes At a young age, many individuals are curious as to what happens when you take drugs and…

Is Vaping Cannabis Bad?

25th November 2021

There are risks involved with both smoking and vaping. However, as vaping is relatively new compared to smoking, there is less data on the long-term health effects it can have. The difference between smoking and vaping weed To vape cannabis, the oil is heated through a vaporizing device such as an e-cigarette, whereas smoking marijuana…

Can I Quit Drinking Without Rehab?

19th November 2021

Are you looking to cut down your alcohol consumption or completely quit drinking? Are you wondering whether or not you can do this without the need for rehab? Quitting alcohol can be a difficult task, and there are many obstacles that you will face along the way and for this reason, it is not advisable…

Why Acceptance is an Essential Part of Recovery

11th November 2021

Being accepting of the situation is an essential part of recovery. This is because when you learn to accept your circumstances, it can open a whole new door to sobriety. Let go of shame Shame is one of, if not the most powerful driver of the addiction cycle. It prevents individuals coming to terms and…

How Long Will I Be in Addiction Recovery?

25th October 2021

When an individual attends treatment for a substance or behavioural addiction, treatment can last anywhere from 7 days to 30 days +. However, recovery is not the same as an addiction treatment. This is because recovery is defined as a process when an individual stops abusing any addictive substances or behaviours and changes their lifestyle…

Paul Mersons Gambling Addiction

21st October 2021

On Monday 11th October, Paul Mersons new film ‘Paul Merson: Football, Gambling and Me’ was aired on BBC One. In this film, Paul talks very openly about his gambling addiction and states that in his lifetime has lost over £7 million due to the addiction. The film is Pauls journey to understanding where his compulsion…

Steps to Reduce Stress Related Drinking

12th October 2021

Many individuals turn to alcohol as a way to relieve stress but is consuming alcohol a way to reduce stress? What is stress? Stress is the emotional strain or tension an individual feels as a result from a good or bad circumstance. It can be triggered by various things such as buying a home, starting/…

How Recreational Drug Use at Clubs and Parties Can Cause Lasting Effects

24th September 2021

It’s no secret that at nightclubs and parties, young people commonly indulge in the world of drugs recreationally. Whilst this might not be a regular thing, the usage of drugs can implement serious long-term problems for those using.   What drugs are common amongst the nightlife scenes? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: the most common…

What To Expect from Addiction Group Therapy

15th September 2021

Addiction group therapy is a great help for a lot of people recovering from any kind of addiction. Being in a space surrounded by people who have been through similar situation, if not the same, can often be reassuring to a lot of people, especially recovering addicts. What is group therapy? Group therapy is a…

Going into Rehab For The First Time

31st August 2021

If you are considering going into rehab for the first time, you may be scared, not know what to expect and may have a long list of questions that you want to ask. For that reason, New Leaf Recovery have produced this article to try and help to put your mind to rest. What happens…

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