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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Is Not a Long-Term Fix for Unhappiness

4th September 2020

When things go wrong in life, for instance if you experience the death of a loved one, sudden unemployment or a traumatic incident, you can be left with feelings of grief, depression and anxiety. To suffer any of these at any time is horrific, but it can be particularly challenging for first-time sufferers. The natural…

Dealing with addiction during the COVID-19 pandemic

12th August 2020

Due to COVID-19, the whole of the UK and many other countries experienced lockdown. This was a very challenging time for many especially those suffering from addiction and in recovery as all their support meetings were cancelled. The BBC recently published an article on Laurie Wright, a 28-year-old musician from Cheltenham. He was in recovery…

What is Pathological Lying?

24th June 2020

A pathological liar is an individual who lies compulsively without a reason to. Why do they lie? There have been many studies which have been carried out which suggests that pathological liars lie due to the direct result of either a head injury or trauma. However, ultimately the reason an individual lies is determined case…

Electrostatic 3D Wrapping Disinfectant Spray Treatment

1st May 2020

In order to help prevent the risk of COVID-19, New Leaf Recovery’s treatment centre recently underwent an Electrostatic 3D Wrapping Disinfectant Spray Treatment. This will help to protect the safety of our clients and staff during this challenging and uncertain period The treatment can reach and cover areas traditional cleaning can’t and allows re-entry to…

Why Smoking Marijuana During the Coronavirus Pandemic can Cause Severe Complications

20th April 2020

Following England’s Chief Medical Officer’s statement that smokers have an additional health vulnerability to COVID-19, it is worth seriously avoiding any urges to smoke marijuana/weed to ease anxiety during this global pandemic. Smoking of any kind, tobacco, marijuana or vaping causes inflammation to the lungs even after very occasional use. Daily use can cause severe…

St Patricks Day

17th March 2020

St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with copious amounts of Guinness, dancing and celebrating the foremost patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick is known to have brought Christianity to Ireland, made the shamrock synonymous with the country and freed Ireland from snakes! For someone who is trying to reduce or abstain completely from alcohol consumption, celebrations…


16th March 2020

Fortunately, here at New Leaf Recovery, we are currently free from the COVID-19 virus. The safety of our clients and staff is always our top priority and we are monitoring the situation closely, following all the latest advice from the UK Government. To protect your safety, we are taking the following actions: We have reviewed…

What is the Role of Willpower in Addiction?

17th February 2020

Willpower is defined as ‘control exerted to do something or restrain impulses’, the term ‘lack of will power’ is associated with failing to kick an addiction or bad habit. The assumption is often made that willpower plays a major part in the recovery from addiction. Whilst it is fair to say that will power is…

Dry January

27th January 2020

Dry January is a month long campaign in which many people participate in, all of whom sign up to this, give up alcohol for the whole month of January. It serves as a detox month with no alcohol and maybe a time when some people try to stay sober as part of a bigger life…

Drug Dependency vs Drug Addiction: What is the difference?

10th December 2019

When discussing drugs, it is important to know the difference between dependency and addiction. We often get these two terms confused which can result in an incorrect self-diagnosis and the wrong terminology being used within discussions on drugs. In this blog, we discuss the difference between drug dependency and drug addiction. The history One of…

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