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What To Expect from Addiction Group Therapy

15th September 2021

Addiction group therapy is a great help for a lot of people recovering from any kind of addiction. Being in a space surrounded by people who have been through similar situation, if not the same, can often be reassuring to a lot of people, especially recovering addicts. What is group therapy? Group therapy is a…

Going into Rehab For The First Time

31st August 2021

If you are considering going into rehab for the first time, you may be scared, not know what to expect and may have a long list of questions that you want to ask. For that reason, New Leaf Recovery have produced this article to try and help to put your mind to rest. What happens…

How to Help a Gambling Addict

11th August 2021

Someone who suffers with a gambling addiction suffers from the same psychological experiences as an individual who has an alcohol or drug addiction. It is often brushed off as less severe an addiction due to there being no physical damage being done to the body. However, suffering with an addiction to gambling still coincides with…

How To Support a Recovering Addict

30th July 2021

Recovery can be a long and ongoing process for those trying to gain sobriety. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to show support when you haven’t been through the struggle directly yourself. When someone finishes their treatment process it’s important that, as well as utilising the aftercare service we provide at New Leaf, support…

Recreational drug use – how to spot an addict in denial

9th July 2021

What are recreational drugs? Recreational drug use is the term used to describe casual drug use, typically taken during socialising but can be done alone. It is estimated that 1 in 11 adults that are aged between 16 – 59 have taken drugs in the past year. However recreational drug use is much more common…

June 30th – Social Media Day

23rd June 2021

Is social media addiction real? With June 30th approaching us as national social media day, an addiction often brushed off and ignored is social media addiction. What is a social media addiction? A social media addiction is a behavioural addiction that is defined as having an uncontrollable urge to check, log in or use social…

Making Life Beautiful Again

11th June 2021

June 11th is national ‘making life beautiful day’. Here at New Leaf, we want to help you make life beautiful again. Reaching out Seeking help for any type of addiction is a huge step forward that is not easy for most people, its often considered to be one the most challenging parts of your journey.…

5 Ways to Avoid Relapse Triggers

7th May 2021

What is a relapse? A relapse is when an individual returns to a drug (illegal, legal or prescription) after not abusing it for a long period of time. It can be part of the process for an individual striving for long-term sobriety. Even though an individual will want to keep fighting for long-term sobriety, triggers…

Coping with Alcohol Addiction and the Re-Opening of Pubs

26th April 2021

  Now that the pubs are gradually starting to re-open for outdoor seating, there’s a sense of normality returning to our world. Whilst that’s exciting and happy news for a lot of people, we understand for some, it might cause concerns and worry about how it could affect their alcohol addiction or previous addiction. If you are currently…

The Links between Alcohol and Depression

4th March 2021

Alcoholism and depression commonly go hand in hand; when an individual has one it is easy to then fall into the other. During lockdown depression symptoms are three times higher than before, and in turn alcohol abuse has increased. With people isolating and not seeing friends or family, many people have lost touch with the…

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