Alcohol-related Deaths Among Women in the UK

Increase in Deaths

Due to the increase in the misuse of alcohol, there are many more alcohol-related deaths. This affects both men and women; however, the number of women which have lost or are losing their lives to alcohol is extremely high and has broken the record according to the Office of National Statistics.


Figures show that in 2017 there were exactly 7,697 alcohol-related deaths throughout the UK. This equals out to be a rate of 12.2 people to every 100,000. This is the highest this rate has been since 2008 or any point since 2001. However, this is among women but death rates among men are still double the number of females.

As well, research showed that 17% of children were obese. This allowed research to be taken further and discover that 9 out of 10 adults have at least one habit which is harmful to their health. These may include smoking, drinking or even not eating the daily recommendation of fruit and vegetables.

However, despite the growth of alcohol-related deaths and harms year on year, recent figures and analysis have shown that the number of people receiving treatment is at its lowest level for a decade.

It has been said that more needs to be done to target the drinking problem especially in older people and we believe that this is possible with the support we have available here at New Leaf.

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