Are You Addicted to Retail Therapy?

Since the pandemic began, the online retail world has advanced rapidly and in 2021, over 86% of the UK population were finding their retail therapy online!

Online shopping is such an easy thing to do in today’s world and you can often find yourself looking at something new to buy. Impulsive behaviour takes hold, and you end up buying things. The frequency of this behaviour and the way you feel afterwards may be vital in identifying whether your retail therapy is shopping addiction in disguise.

Addicted to shopping or retail therapy

Online Shopping Is a Breeze…

Retailors have often got an app you can now download on your phone as well as having their website and social pages. As you browse online or through their app, you spot an outfit you like, or that home décor item you have been wanting for a long time to add to your living room. At the click of a button, you can add it to your basket and check out within the space of five minutes. Everything is kept in your digital wallet, so now you can even buy in one click with only a face ID or fingerprint.

Once you have purchased from the business once and signed up to their marketing emails, you tend to find them in your inbox every day. Because you were happy with your first purchase, you impulsively buy again and again. It’s just so easy! But it’s also easy to get carried away without realising.

The Influential World

Many people spend a large amount of time a day on their phones, browsing their social media pages. Celebrities post about their outfit of the day and put a link in the bio so you can see it for yourselves. You find out your friend has just purchased a new bag and it looks just like the one you have been looking for.

You may find yourself looking at what everyone else has when you are out doing your essential shopping or having a coffee with a friend. As they walk past in a stunning top, you begin to Google it and find where you can buy it from. Retailers will often use ‘dirty tricks’ to influence your decision such as limited time offers or special email deals. These can encourage you to buy again, even when you may not need the item, or worse, can’t afford it.

Do You Know When to Stop With Your Shop?

Everyone loves some retail therapy, but do you know when your shopping habits have become an addiction? Do you find yourself experiencing emotional stress, relationship strains or financial pressures? If you have items at home that are in a cupboard because you have nowhere for them to go, or clothes in your wardrobe with labels still attached to them, this may be the moment to stop and consider your habits.

There are some quick ways that may help with your shopping addiction before it becomes too much to handle. If you know where all your money is being spent, great! If you don’t, then try to find out and keep an eye on it. Set yourself a monthly budget for buying whatever catches your eye. Turn off the internet-based adverts on your devices and social media pages and go through your emails and hit ‘unsubscribe’. This way you won’t be bombarded with offers everywhere you turn.

When to Get Help With Your Shopping Addiction

If you find yourself in a sticky situation with pressure on your mental health and wellbeing, don’t panic. New Leaf Recovery offer support in all these areas to help guide and support you through this stage of addiction. To find out more about the treatments and support available, contact New Leaf Recovery today.