Drug Rehab

What is drug rehab?

Benefits of drug rehabilitation

Drug rehab is the process of treatment for a substance addiction such as illegal drugs i.e cocaine. There are various different types of rehab available, and this depends on the substance you are addicted to and how long you have been abusing the substance for.

The rehabilitation process will differ from individual to individual as the activity should be based on your specific needs and requirements.

There are many benefits to going to rehab rather than trying to free yourself from drugs yourself at home. These include:

  • 24-hour support from professionals
  • Medical drug detox
  • A safe environment
  • Opportunity to meet new friends and others in the same situation as you
  • A range of medical professionals available
  • Personalised treatment programme
  • Aftercare packages available to continue your journey when you return home

Type of drug addictions treated

The type of drugs treated will differ from each rehab centre. However, here at New Leaf Recovery, we offer drug rehab for all types of drugs; over the counter drugs, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and legal drugs.

Treatments offered in drug rehab

When you arrive at the rehabilitation centre, your recovery journey starts. A programme will be created to help you recovery based on your specific requirements and could include the following treatments:

How long does drug rehab take?

Based on the assessment outcome, a support worker will be able to provide you with an estimate to how long you will need to be in residential drug rehab for. However, this is dependant upon the sobriety process and your withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment can last as little as 7 days up to 28 days. At New Leaf, we offer different types of treatment lengths including:

We also offer an aftercare package and offer support to client families.

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Our Complete Recovery Journey - from your initial enquiry, all the way through treatment and beyond into ongoing support, New Leaf Recovery are there to guide and support you.

New Leaf offers a complete journey of treatment - from initial detoxification and rehabilitation to ongoing support, including aftercare, family support, and beyond into long-term recovery.

Getting the right accommodation enables us to provide the right backdrop for our recovery methods.  Any form of rehabilitation needs to happen in a safe, comfortable, secure and friendly environment.