5 Activities for Recovery

Once you have completed rehabilitation and you are on the road to recovery, you may wonder how you will fill the time you used to devote to your addiction. There are many substance-free activities which are available to you, helping you to further improve your mental and physical health. In this article, we discuss 5 activities that are suitable for individuals in recovery.

Activities for Recovery

1) Meet your friends

Whether you are meeting your friends for a coffee in the local café or going to watch the latest film release in the cinema, during this time, you will be able to take some time out to something you enjoy whilst socialising with your friends. Socialising will help to remove any negative emotions you may be feeling and also, welcomes you into an environment surrounded by support and friendship.

2) Exercise

Any form of exercise can help to improve both your physical and mental health. Many individuals often find enjoyment out of taking up a sport, as it gives them something to focus on; helping to prevent relapsing. As well as this, taking up exercise can often help to improve sleep.

3) Travel

Travel the world! Travelling opens our eyes to the beauty of the world and allows you to explore new places, try new things and experience things you may have never done before, or had the opportunity to. It doesn’t always have to be expensive too! Browsing for holidays and days out can help occupy your mind and offers you something to look forward to in the future.

4) Organise yourself

Organising your life will help to organise your brain. Start small and delete anything on your phone that you no longer need, or that impacts your positive thinking, even clean your car or get into a routine of making your bed every morning.

Studies show that those who wake up and make their bed have a productive day. This is due to the fact that your brain begins to feel productive and therefore feels as though you have accomplished something and therefore, strives receive this same feeling for the rest of the day.

5) Education/ courses/ qualifications

You can attend education or achieve a qualification at any point in your life and diving back into education or completing a course will prove that there is always time for self-improvement (financially, intellectually, mentally and physically).

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