5 Common Rehab Myths

There’s no shortage of misinformation about rehabs themselves and what choosing to go to rehab will mean for you. New Leaf Recovery are here to debunk these myths and set the record straight when it comes to rehabilitation centres. These are out top 5 most common rehab myths as well as the actual facts, so that you can get the correct information that you need to decide what steps to take on your recovery.

rehab myths can get in the way of recovery, learn the facts today

1. Addiction Is a Choice

Our recent blog delves into what addiction is and covers this common misconception in more detail. Negative attitudes like this can make it even harder for someone struggling with addiction to reach out and receive the help they need. As dependence chemically alters the brain, addiction is medically considered to be a disease.

2. I’m Beyond Help

People believe that going to rehab means they’ve hit “rock bottom”, or even that they have to hit rock bottom to go in the first place. This is not true. The reality of rehab isn’t always the extreme situation we’re led to believe. Why wait until things are at their worst?

Plus, the entire idea of rock bottom is completely relative and subjective to how you personally feel. Whether you feel like you’ve hit your lowest point or not, you’re never beyond help. In fact, waiting for your lowest point to seek help can even be dangerous, as well as completely unnecessary.

3. I’ll Lose My Job

Employment protection law states that employers should treat dependence in itself as a form of sickness, not a reason for dismissal. However, deteriorating work because of untreated and escalating addiction could result in grounds for dismissal. Therefore, it’s better to seek help and go to rehab rather than let your work suffer due to untreated addiction.

4. Rehab Will Cure Me Forever

Addiction is not a curable disease; it is a disease that is managed. Entering rehab allows for safe recovery under supervision and gives the chance to learn relapse prevention tools and coping mechanisms. This recovery must be actively maintained every day.

This means that for many recovering from addiction relapse may occur. This does not mean that rehab doesn’t work or that you have failed at recovery. Instead, this presents an opportunity to choose to continue your journey once again.

5. You Have to be Religious to Go to Rehab

Although the 12 Steps Programme developed from religious origins, rehab is open to anyone of any faith or no religion at all. Non-faith-based versions of this programme are becoming increasingly common and popular. No matter your background, if you want to access addiction recovery support, then rehab is for you.

Making an Informed Choice

When deciding on whether rehab is the right choice for you in your addiction recovery, it’s vital that you have all the facts. Don’t let misconceptions, outdated ideas, or even complete fiction get between you and your recovery. To find out more, get in touch with New Leaf Recovery today, or take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what to expect at our rehabilitation centres.