Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 47 Years Sober

Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins (CBE) has taken to social media to celebrate 47 years of sobriety. Speaking out for those struggling with alcoholism or any other addiction, his heartfelt and powerful message has reached over 1.5 million across Hopkin’s social platforms.

As one of Britain’s most well-known actors on the screen and stage, Hopkins garners much respect and popularity among the UK public. By looking back on where the now 84-year-old actor began his recovery journey nearly 5 full decades ago, Hopkins hopes to spread a message of believable hope that may inspire many others to pursue their own sobriety.

Anthony Hopkins spreads message of hope in the actor's recovery from alcoholism

An Uplifting Message of Hope

Hopkins started his sobriety at the end of December 1975. Waking one morning in Arizona with no recollection of how he’d gotten there, Hopkins decided that he’d had enough. This New Year’s Eve looks very different for the actor, as Sir Anthony Hopkins decided instead to look back on his recovery journey in a compassionate video message filled with hope.

In his video caption, Hopkins wishes “everyone a healthy 2023”, with the video discussing his own experiences of addiction and achievements in recovery. Despite the heavy topic, Hopkins emphasises that instead, he hopes that this video will be helpful. His message emphasises the importance of self-love and compassion, stressing that it is vital that we are all kind to ourselves.

Find a Life Where You Feel Happy in Recovery

Like many struggling with their addiction, Sir. Anthony Hopkins recalls a time consumed by desperation and despair. Like many, he did not realise that his struggles stemmed from a disease. Addiction is a mental, physical, and emotional condition – not a simple choice. Even now, 47 years later, Hopkins still refers to himself as a recovering alcoholic as each day he must continue to choose his recovery and the new life he has built for himself.

By reaching out for the support he needed, and getting help with managing his alcoholism, Hopkins was able to enter recovery and has spent the last 47 years sober. Now, he can confidently say that he’s “found a life [he’s] happy with”, “the best life [he] can imagine”. This too is possible for you and anyone else facing similar challenges.

Be Proud of Your Life: Support for the Younger Generation

Hopkins’ message goes on to offer advice and support for the younger generation, recognising the challenges they face. “For people struggling”, he states “be kind to yourself”. He expresses support for young people experiencing mental health challenges, like anxiety or depression, or bullying, advising that the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from the circle of people that harm you, distancing yourself from any toxicity or anxiety these people may bring.

Although Hopkins realises anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions can be a part of daily life, and that life can be tough, he goes on to say, that you should never “let yourself be put down”. Hopkins has previously been recording as saying “I have my off days and sometimes little bits of doubt and all that, but all in all I say hang in there. Today is the tomorrow you were so worried about yesterday. You, young people, don't give up... just keep fighting” in a previous New Year’s message, and this is a sentiment which he echoes in this inspiring video message. He finishes of the powerful line, “Live your life, be proud of your life, be proud of yourself”, which is something we could all strive to do a little more each day.

Reach Out for Support

Much like Sir. Hopkins, we here at New Leaf Recovery recommend reaching out for support if you feel like you may be struggling with addiction. Talk to someone, get help, and don’t be ashamed – wherever you are in the world, there is support available. Much like Sir. Anthony Hopkins, in sobriety, you may end up with a whole new life – one that you can be proud of.

For further support, reach out to New Leaf Recovery today. We offer a range of services and treatment programmes at our rehab facility, and our compassionate team is always happy to help. If you need to talk to someone, call today on 0300 999 0330