On arriving at New Leaf, one of our former clients Satbir agreed to share his journey of addiction and is now leading a life happy, joyous, and free from the shackles of addiction.

Satbir’s story is very similar to many that come through the doors at New Leaf. Nowadays it is hard to believe Satbir had issues with alcoholism.  Satbir is a valued member of his family, community and a shining light to others seeking recovery.

Satbir was born to immigrant parents who arrived in the West Midlands in the early ’60s. Although it had been a culture shock for his parents; Satbir being a second-generation immigrant found it very easy to settle into life in the UK.

Brought up in a stable home environment he recalls “his father would work hard to provide for the family”. His father’s strong work ethic seemed to have rubbed off on him.

Satbir excelled in all that he would apply himself to. He went on to study accountancy at university and achieved good grades, gaining employment as a junior accountant prior to setting up his own accountancy firm in the centre of Birmingham.

To everyone else around him he led a successful life, he owned his own business, lived in the suburbs of the West Midlands. But alcohol was present in his life from a young age. He mentions “alcohol is as much part of the Indian culture as it’s the food”.

He first began drinking whilst at university and though alcohol had been prevalent within his cultural upbringing, he drank alcohol moderately for several years.

The demands of running his own business and family life began to take a toll on him. It was at this point in his life that Satbir recognises a problem with alcohol had begun.

After work social drinking was becoming a daily occurrence, he would spend more time out drinking than with his family. Soon enough his dependence on alcohol had such a hold he began drinking before work, whilst at work and after work was normal.

Satbir’s life started spiralling out of control very quickly.

It wasn’t until he lost his driving licence due to alcohol and strained relations with loved ones that Satbir reached out for help.

Recognising alcohol had become a huge problem in his life, depriving him of all the things he held most dearly, he desperately sought out help and got in contact with New Leaf Recovery.

Satbir really appreciated all the staff were in recovery themselves. This filled him with the hope that he too could overcome alcoholism. Following a doctor’s assessment, Satbir found himself checking into a residential treatment centre.

I arrived at New leaf recovery a frightened, desperate, broken man. The staff and peers were very helpful in getting me through my first few days.”

During his time with us, Satbir started to speak openly about his alcoholism and problem areas in his life. Addressing these issues has been imperative to his ongoing recovery today.

I learnt so much, I didn’t know my work life was causing me so much stress, I had many amends to make to my family for the hurt caused over years of my alcoholism. Had it not been for the insight I gained at New Leaf I would still be stuck in that position. I’m not sure how much longer I could have continued drinking.”

He learnt about the physical and mental aspects of addiction. A great deal of time was focused on the importance for Satbir to have a deep look at the consequences of his alcoholism, his thoughts he can control alcohol and how negative thoughts/feelings contributed to his alcoholism. Satbir was encouraged to develop healthy coping strategies to replace those he had used for several years.

These included meditation, reiki, and mutual aid meetings which he continues to engage with since leaving us.

I’m so very grateful for the time staff took to teach me recovery techniques I didn’t know existed, I do it one day at a time and its working for me”

It's amazing to think Satbir arrived at New Leaf over a year ago as a resident. The transformation in Satbir’s life is great for us as a staff team to witness. He spends a lot more quality time with his loved ones, helps others new to recovery and works closely with his local community to raise awareness around addiction/ alcoholism.

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