Discovering Addiction in the Home

If you suspect somebody in your home is suffering from addiction, this can be a difficult situation to handle. It can be challenging to decide the most appropriate way to address your concerns and can often be overwhelming to take it all in yourself.

It is important to try and stay calm and not act immediately. Take time to step back and assess what has just been discovered.

discovering addictions in the home can be hard, but new leaf project are here to help

What to Do After Discovering

Once you have taken a step back from this discovery, it might be an idea to try and do some research. Addictions can take the form of an actual substance (drugs or alcohol) or behavioural addictions (internet, gaming, or shopping). It is key to have a level of understanding before approaching someone about their addiction. If possible, try and contact a professional to seek guidance from them too! This could be your GP or local drug and alcohol service.

Before you approach the person in your home, it may also be an idea to speak to other family members or friends and establish if they have noticed any changes in behaviour or emotions.

With as much information as possible, when you approach the person struggling with addiction, try to remember it is your job to listen to them and have a two-way conversation. It is not your job to lecture them on right and wrong, but to support them and try to understand the root of the problem. Make it clear that this addiction is not welcome in the home, particularly if it is substance-related, without making the person feel unwelcome.

You may experience rebuttal from them, and this is to be expected to some degree. Supporting them and listening to them is all you can do at this moment in time. It is important to remember at this point, especially if emotions are high, that addiction is a disease – not a choice.

You Cannot Fix It!

When someone in your home has an addiction, it can be easy to blame yourself, however, it is not your fault!

Addiction is a disease, but seeking help is a choice. You cannot force someone to seek help, instead, you can support them until they make this choice themselves. From your research, give them the options that are available to them and explain that support is out there, and treatment can help them begin their recovery journey.

Contact New Leaf Recovery Project

When your loved one has made the decision to seek help, New Leaf Recovery Project are on hand to help provide support and treatment accordingly. Contact us today to find out more and start the recovery journey with us.

There are also support groups out there that offer support to the families of those with addiction.