First Zombie Drug Death in the UK

A recent case of the Zombie drug and its deadly effects have been found in the UK, stirring worries about the drug being used widely. The tranquilliser Xylazine is used in veterinary practices to relax muscles and reduce pain in large animals, the use of it as a recreational drug has significantly increased and the effects are deadly.

First Zombie Drug Death UK

What Is the Zombie Drug? Understanding & Unveiling its Effects

The ‘Zombie Drug’ or the ‘Tranq’, as referred to on the streets of the US, is a concoction of Xylazine and Opioid Fentanyl. The drug is known to cause deep, rotting flesh wounds anywhere on the body, hence the nickname ‘Zombie Drug’. The addiction rate of this mix of drugs is particularly high and when injected into the body, this drug will lower the heart rate of the person. It has caused many deaths in the US and is found among heroin users and manufacturers as its production cost is reduced when laced with Xylazine or Fentanyl.

As with many recovery treatments, the recovery from the Zombie drug is not straightforward. The use of Xylazine, no matter how it's taken, has toxic effects on the lungs and the respiratory system. Among many other complications, the Zombie Drug has been a cause for concern in the West and, in response, drug screenings are being pressed to be updated. At New Leaf Recovery, we aim to educate individuals on such topics in the hopes of spreading awareness and delivering support to those that need it.

The psychological and mental effects that come with the use of this drug could become long-term as the reliance on it is heavier than other hard drugs, like heroin. Withdrawals can be severe, and treatment can be challenging but essential. Acknowledging the dangers of this drug is important and the consideration of where it may be found is even more crucial.

Testing & Detection: Zombie Drug Screening Methods

Xylazine and Fentanyl are not drugs that would typically be found in blood screenings as they require more specialist methods of testing. The drug would not likely show up if tested for as its residence in the body is only brief, yet if used consistently, it may show up in urine and blood screenings long after use.

Stay Informed: Addressing Concerns About the Zombie Drug in the UK

The Zombie drug may have reached Europe and even be in use across the UK although there is no way of knowing for sure. Here at New Leaf Recovery, we believe it's important to raise awareness about the latest news relating to addiction recovery. If you are ever concerned about yourself or a loved one’s substance use, we are here to support you. The Zombie drug is thought to be unintentionally taken by some people as it can be laced with other drugs to be made cheaper, causing further concern.

If you have any worries or wish you begin the addiction recovery process, contact New Leaf Recovery today.

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