How Long Will I Be in Addiction Recovery?

When an individual attends treatment for a substance or behavioural addiction, treatment can last anywhere from 7 days to 30 days +. However, recovery is not the same as an addiction treatment. This is because recovery is defined as a process when an individual stops abusing any addictive substances or behaviours and changes their lifestyle (health and wellness) and lives a productive life.

But often, the question ‘how long will I be in recovery’ is asked and the answer is…forever.

Addiction Support

Understanding an addiction

An addiction is a disease and like many other diseases, there is no cure. However, it is treatable and for this reason, rehab centres such as New Leaf Recovery exist. Before an individual reaches out for help, they must understand and accept that they have an addiction and from this, treatment can begin.

It is taught that with the correct treatment, mindset and support, an individual can manage their addiction through recovery.

Understanding the term ‘recovery is for life’

In concept, recovery is similar to remission. An individual is doing okay, however, they are having to manage their disease daily in order to feel this way. Due to the monitoring and life choices they have to make in order to remain sober, people refer to recovery being for life and therefore it is a life-long process and something that can not be achieved solely through treatment.

How to build a strong recovery

Some suggest that if you build a strong recovery, you will be less likely to relapse.

There are many ways in which you can strengthen your recovery such as being aware of what your triggers are and avoiding them, avoiding taking unnecessary risks and having a positive mindset. However, if you ever do feel at risk of relapsing, you can reach out to us here at New Leaf Recovery, to your doctors or any other professional.

We are here for you, and you are not alone!