How to Live with an Alcoholic in Denial

If you are living with someone who refuses to acknowledge their unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it can be incredibly draining and often, you’ll come stuck on what to do or where to turn to. However, New Leaf Recovery offers advice on the practical things you can do to make your situation easier.

There are many things that you can do in order to help an alcoholic, especially someone you live with. These include:

  • Learning as much as you can on alcoholism.
  • Openly talking to them about their drinking habits.
  • Making sure clear boundaries are put in place.
  • Supporting them and ensuring they get the professional help they need.
signs of alcohol dependence alcohol concerns

Understand alcoholism

Our first bit of advice would be to understand what alcoholism is and the symptoms of an alcohol addiction. This will allow you to compare this against their behaviour as there are many common signs.

Talking openly

It is important for you to have an open and honest conversation with the person who is in denial after recognising what signs of alcoholism match their behaviour. Previous to this conversation, we advise you to consider many things:

  • The time and the place in which this conversation takes place.
  • Use specific examples of their behaviour to help them understand the issue.
  • Ensure you stay patient and calm with them throughout the conversation.

This conversation may open them up to agree that they need help if approached in the right way.

Setting boundaries

Set boundaries. However, if you do this, you need to ensure that you stick to them. This way it can be an eye-opener for the alcoholic in denial to acknowledge their behaviours and realise that they do need help.

Seek professional help

An alcohol addiction will need to be treated in a safe environment such as a rehab centre. Reach out to rehab centres nearby you on behalf of the alcoholic in denial to find out what support they could offer. New Leaf Recovery are a rehabilitation centre based in Birmingham offering treatment for substance and behavioural addictions.

Contact us today on 0300 999 0330 if you would like to seek help for an alcohol addiction, whether it be for you or on behalf on a loved one.