Katie Price Checks into Rehab Following PTSD Diagnosis


After suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), former model Katie Price has checked herself into rehab, which is believed to be for 28 days. This news comes after a tough few months, which included a divorce from Kieran Hayler and drug use allegations.

PTSD is a type of anxiety that is often diagnosed after a person has experienced traumatic events within their life. PTSD is usually found in those who have served in the forces however the number of civilians has increased over the years. The condition has many symptoms such as traumatic flashbacks and insomnia. As these symptoms will inevitably affect a person’s day to day life and, we believe rehab is the correct path to take to help Katie.

However, Katie could not miss her friend’s wedding, as just 4 days into treatment she left rehab to attend the wedding in Horsham. Katies’ rehabilitation programme is ‘on her terms’ as stated by a source and is said she’s allowed to leave on a curfew as well as on evenings to look after her children.

A friend of Katie’s fears that she is not taking her rehabilitation seriously by leaving on her terms. As well as this mum Amy has expressed her relief that Katie has come to terms with her situation and is now seeking the right help to better her life again.

How will rehab aid PTSD?

At New Leaf Recovery Project, we believe there are many reasons why rehabilitation is an appropriate solution for someone who suffers from PTSD. Firstly, a rehabilitation programme brings structure into a person’s life. A client’s day will be planned for them allowing little time to think about past events.

Another benefit of rehab for PTSD is the support given to clients by those who provide the rehabilitation programme. With 24/7 support provided to clients, it is ensured that clients will get the support they need in case of any nightmares of traumatic flashbacks.

The third benefit of a rehabilitation programme for PTSD is the benefit of no negative influences to contact. When living day to day life listening to someone else’s problems might spark an unpleasant situation for a PTSD sufferer. By joining a rehabilitation programme, it can be ensured the client focuses on the positives and therefore can focus on coping with their own traumas.

How New Leaf Can Help You

At New Leaf Recovery Project we have a private residential rehabilitation service near you. We provide treatment and support to those seeking rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addictions. The aim of our service is to not only rehabilitate a client but return them to full resettlement allowing them back into work and society.

New Leaf is based in Birmingham, in the West Midlands and provides programmes which are designed and delivered by those who have experienced addictions first hand. This provides clients with someone they can relate to and availability to advice from someone who has experienced exactly what they’re going through.

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