Love Island’s Dr Alex Has Reached 6 Months Alcohol Free

Dr Alex George was launched into the spotlight when he appeared on Love Island’s 4th series, the reality dating show. Prior to his Love Island journey, he had begun his career in Emergency Medicine and worked as an A&E doctor at a hospital in London.

Alex remained committed to his professional aspirations and stuck to his plans of returning to work after leaving the show. With his new-found social media influence, he has since utilised his platform to shed light on many topics surrounding health and wellbeing. Also during the challenging times of the pandemic, he raised awareness for the struggles of NHS doctors and nurses while fulfilling his role as an A&E doctor.

Dr Alex is also the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador, appointed by Boris Johnson in 2021, after his campaigning about young people’s mental health following the loss of his brother. His latest discussion topics related to his mental health has been opening up about his sobriety.

love island dr alex sober

Why Did Dr Alex Go Sober?

In December 2022, Alex posted on his Instagram page that he has made the decision to go sober. He has described his decision as being ‘sober curious’ and he’d ‘been questioning why I drink at all’. His primary reasons for his shift to an alcohol free life are because of the negative impacts of drinking alcohol on his ADHD, mental and physical health.

At the time, Alex mentioned that he’s unsure whether this is a permanent choice to stop drinking alcohol, or if it’s a temporary decision, but he has recently celebrated 6 months alcohol free.

Dr Alex shared a post in June 2023 to mark the 6th month milestone and discuss his experience.  Whilst stating that his struggle isn’t the same as someone struggling with addiction, he recognised ‘it still isn’t easy to stop drinking in this society’.

Through his platform he raises awareness for the struggles of sobriety and being alcohol free. As he discusses how alcohol is a huge part of British society, it’s how we socialise, relax, and celebrate for any occasion.

The Rise of Sober Curious

There’s an increasing number of people who are declaring themselves ‘sober curious’. A phrase coined by Ruby Warrington in her book ‘Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol’.

Sober curious people are looking to explore an alcohol free lifestyle, without the full commitment to abstaining altogether. It’s about having pride in not drinking alcohol to remove the stigma, rather than keeping it a secret.

This seems to be a trend that hasn’t stopped growing, with the younger generation being the most likely to opt-out of drinking.

How Does This Impact Alcohol Addiction/Alcoholism?

By promoting sobriety as a positive choice, sober curious individuals help those with alcohol addiction feel less alone and more empowered on their recovery journeys.

The movement contributes to a cultural shift where sobriety is celebrated and respected. As more people embrace a sober lifestyle, it will encourage societal attitudes toward addiction and sobriety to change.

This shift reduces the isolation and shame often experienced by individuals with alcohol addiction, creating a more supportive and inclusive environment for their recovery. Challenging the belief that alcohol is necessary for happiness and social connection can inspire others to consider sobriety as a viable and rewarding choice.

This is especially the case for social media influencers promoting a sober lifestyle, like Dr Alex, as they have the ability to reach a wide audience and often have a connection with their following. This connection can be especially impactful for individuals who may feel unsure about their own decision to pursue sobriety.

Do You Need Help With Going Alcohol Free?

While the sober curious movement provides inspiration and a supportive community, it is important to acknowledge that going alcohol-free is not always an easy decision or journey.

Many individuals require additional support and resources to navigate the challenges of addiction and recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, reaching out to New Leaf Recovery can provide the necessary support system and guidance. Get in touch today on 0300 999 0330.

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