Matty Healy of The 1975, Recovering Addict

Matty Healy has been a popular face in the media for a number of years. In his recent interviews for his latest album Being Funny In A Foreign Language, he’s opened up further about his struggles with heroin addiction during his time in the band.

Healy’s addiction to heroin lasted for around 4 years, whilst he was in his mid-twenties. The decision to open up about his addiction, with his fans and the public, was only made when he was sober and had been through rehab.

Matty Healy band member of The 1975 recovering heroin addict

The Struggle With Heroin Addiction

Healy talks openly about his struggles and experience with heroin, and he strives to be completely honest about his addiction. His transparency with his own experiences comes from detesting those who glamourise and hide their negative truths about addiction on social media.

This isn’t the first time Healy has spoken candidly about his addiction; he began to talk about it once he was fully in recovery, around the release of The 1975’s album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships in 2018.

Whilst working on this album, Healy said there was an evening when his bandmates tried to step in, but he was adamantly against it and didn’t accept their help.

Matty Healy’s “Emotional Hangover”

In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, he discussed the morning after his bandmates attempted intervention. Healy remembers waking up with, what he describes as, an “emotional hangover”, regretting his behaviour of the night before.

Being as his bandmates are close friends, that he’s known since they all attended secondary school together in Manchester, Healy knew they’d forgive him, but he still wanted to change.

This may be a familiar feeling for many that know the struggle of addiction.

The Recovery Process

Healy made the decision to stop smoking heroin, as well as come off his anxiety medication and opiates, and begin the process of starting his addiction recovery.

As part of his journey in recovery, Healy checked himself into a rehab facility for 7 weeks and this experience shaped his recovery going forward.

Due to the many people who were in the facility because they’d lost everything, Healy reflected on his own life and felt extreme gratitude.

He felt as though he’d come close to losing his career, money, the people he loved, but hadn’t quite crossed the line and this motivated him to recover from his addiction to restore his friendships and relationships. You don’t have to feel like you’ve hit ‘rock bottom’ to change.

Are You Struggling With An Addiction?

If you’re struggling with an addiction, the number one thing to remember is that you’re not alone and you can always get help.

Matty Healy realised the path he was going down, and that it’s never too late to change your path and start on your journey to recovery.

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