Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission

At New Leaf Recovery Project, we are proud to announce that we have recently been rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission, after their latest checks of our rehabilitation centre here at Cherry Tree Cottage. We are extremely pleased with this rating and aim to not only maintain this but improve our service even further in order to provide our clients with the highest standard of care and rehabilitation.

What is the Care Quality Commission?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent organisation who regulate all health and social care services across England. The commission requires health and adult social care providers to register with them and fulfil their fundamental standards in order to carry out any activities within their business.

This includes a range of care providers including:

  • Ambulance services
  • Care homes
  • Dental practices
  • Home-care agencies
  • Hospitals
  • GP practices
  • Rehabilitation centres

Care Quality Commission Standards

The Care Quality Commission has established a set of fundamental standards which clients have the right to expect from their care organisations. These standards should be considered in everyday activities within a care organisation in order to give recipients of treatment a reasonable standard of care. Some of the standards set by the CQC include ‘Must have treatment or care that is tailored to you’ and ‘Must be treated with dignity and respect at all times’.

At New Leaf Recovery, we aim to consider all the fundamental standards when treating our residents and in turn provide a treatment service that returns individuals to a healthy lifestyle, free from addiction.

Care Quality Commission in Safeguarding Adults

One of the CQC’s roles is to safeguard adults who are being cared for under the Mental Health Act 1983. At New Leaf Recovery Project, we understand the importance of ensuring all clients receive not only the correct care but are also kept safe whilst receiving their treatment.

Our team here at New Leaf Recovery, ensures all our residents receive the care and support they need whilst securing their safety at all times. Our treatments and services include detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare for a range of addictions including alcohol, gambling and drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and prescription drugs.

For more information on how our rehabilitation programmes can free you from your addiction, call us on 0330 999 0330 or complete our online contact form today.