Overcome Your Addiction on No Smoking Day

You may not have realised, but National No Smoking Day 2022 was on March 9th this week! This annual health awareness day first started in 1984 and encourages people to try and stop smoking. At New Leaf Recovery, we know how hard it can be to overcome addiction, and so we want to show our support!

Overcome Your Addiction on No Smoking Day. Breathe in fresh air and feel the success!

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

If you’re considering whether you should stop smoking it may be worth considering how it would directly benefit you.


Perhaps the most important part of overcoming an addiction to nicotine is the benefits to your health, both in terms of your mental and physical wellbeing As soon as 8 hours after stopping smoking your oxygen levels will reach a normal level. Your lungs will also start to clear within 2 days.

By stopping smoking you’re no longer putting dangerous substances into your body that can lead to physical health problems, such as cancer, heart attack, and all sorts of lung diseases. You’re also allowing your body to begin to repair itself.

Not only will choosing to stop smoking help your health, but it will also protect those around you from breathing in second-hand smoke.


There is also the financial benefit of no longer buying cigarettes or tobacco to consider. For those who have developed a habit of chain-smoking, buying one to two packs per day is not uncommon. Just think about how much money you could save per week, in a month, or even a year – it might shock you!

Stopping Cravings When They Hit

If you’ve decided you’re ready to quit smoking you may be worried about how to handle cravings, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, for many, managing your cravings is a difficult part of overcoming addiction, no matter how far you are into your journey. But, you can prepare for them and develop a tool kit so that you’re ready for when they hit!

You could:

  • Distract yourself
  • Turn to mindfulness practices.
  • Keep your hands busy - this could be holding a hot drink, baking, or getting creative.
  • Get outside or exercise!
  • Talk it out.

Reach out to a local support group.

Today Is the Day: Reach Out for Support

This year’s tag line for National No Smoking today was “today is the day”, and this couldn’t be more true. Every day is a new chance to overcome your addiction. If you’ve found your reason to quit smoking, it’s important to know where you can find support.

At New Leaf Recovery we’re ready to help those who want to overcome their nicotine addiction, whether you’re taking your first steps or struggling with cravings, get in touch today. Today is your day - seize it!