Princess Catherine of Wales Is Taking Action on Addiction

Princess Catherine of Wales has been in the news recently championing addiction recovery and offering words of support as a face of the new Taking Action on Addiction campaign. Her support for addiction recovery has long been known, as she has been a Patron of the Forward Trust charity since last year, which is behind this new campaign. She has continued this commitment by standing as a keynote speaker in the Taking Action campaign as well as delivering a video message of support for everyone suffering from addiction.

no one chooses to become an addiction but you can change and there is hope

No One Chooses to Become an Addict

In her poignant message, Princess Catherine states a truth that we here at New Leaf Recovery see every day, “no one chooses to become an addict”. Addiction is not a choice, it is a serious mental health condition and is also medically classified as a chronic brain disease or disorder. The brain becomes chemically altered by this dependence, making it increasingly difficult to stop compulsive behaviours, even when they cause negative or harmful consequences.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

Addiction does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone, of any age, nationality, race, or gender. No one is immune. Yet all too often the stigma and shame surrounding this disease mean that there is a clear taboo, which prevents many from seeing this issue as a mental health condition or something to be treated with compassion and understanding.

Understanding What Lies Beneath Addiction

Although addiction can happen to anyone, for many, there may be an underlying condition or root cause that may make one person more vulnerable to addiction than another. Addiction is often a consequence of deeper struggles. Taking time to address and uncover the fundamental, underlying causes of this issue can make all the difference.

By making an effect to understand what may lie beneath or contribute to addiction, we can help remove this feeling of shame. Making an effort towards understanding, listening and connecting may benefit in helping those struggling with addiction in ways we may not see or realise from the surface. We can all do our part to help support each other.

Breaking the Cycle, Recovery is Possible

The Princess of Wales concluded her powerful speech by emphasising that recovery is possible. By working to understand this serious mental health condition, reduce prejudice, and break this cycle going forward. You are not alone in your suffering, there are those out there that empathise and understand.

Here at New Leaf Recovery, every single one of our staff is in recovery, so we know exactly what it’s like, we’ve been where you are, and we can help you to reach the other side. By taking that tough first step to get advice and engage in the support services you need, you can enter addiction recovery and change your life.