Rehab, Recovery and What it Means for Families

New Leaf have worked in Rehab for some time!

At new leaf we are proud of what we have created and even more proud of the success stories.  Helping people change there lives from what appears at the time to be a some what dark and gloomy place with no hope or future to creating bright new horizons that offer that offer clear prospects and goals that offer fresh starts and the mindset and the confidence and awareness that recovering addicts can repair relationships, friendships and careers.

Not only are we happy and proud we are able to employee an eclectic mix of staff members who do include recovering addicts we are aware it isn't easy to find your way and re enter a society that was mentally left in a bad way before you came to us.  New Leaf not only offer Residential rehabilitation that incorporates Detoxification, Rehabilitation and aftercare, we offer and create a range of bespoke ways to provide family support and unique treatment packages.

With anything you look for in life you should shop around, test the market ask the professionals and ask for testimonials. In this recent Radio article on Radio 5 we where happy and proud that one of our rehabilitation family members found that our services where all they could have wanted and there daughter is now in a much beeter place both physically and mentally.


Click on the play button to hear for yourself how rehabilitation is now available and how New Leaf have helped others.