Stay Sober This St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day, and for many, this may be the first big test in recovery since any initial alcohol addiction treatment. Whether you’re hoping to celebrate today, at the weekend, or not at all, New Leaf Recovery is here to offer you support in your continued sobriety.

Stay sober this St. Patrick's Day with the help of New Leaf Recovery, offering alcohol addiction treatments and therapies.

Origins of St. Paddy’s Day

When thinking about St. Patrick’s Day, most associate this holiday with all things green as well as excessive alcohol consumption. Drinking has now become synonymous with Irish culture for many, and so is taken as a given for this holiday. But where exactly does this come from?

The drinking aspects of St. Paddy’s Day first started to honour Saint Patrick on the anniversary of his death and also included a feast, which allowed Christians to indulge for one holiday during Lent.

But focusing on this one part of the holiday means we miss out on the intended purpose. Instead, we’ve twisted the holiday to suit the heavy binge-drinking culture present across the UK today.

If you’re looking to avoid alcohol this St. Paddy’s Day but still want to celebrate, why not hold a feast? Or why not focus on the green as a symbol of spring and new life and embrace your new life in recovery!

Sober Celebrations

You may not think it, but there are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while staying sober. You just have to get a little creative, which is part of the fun!

All Things Green

Wearing green is a huge part of St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you keep it simple with just a piece of clothing or go all out is up to you! You can also decorate for the occasion and make some themed decorations to spruce up your home. How green will you go?

Prepare Your Own Feast

Just like originally intended, why not prepare your own feast this St. Patrick’s Day! You could eat traditional Irish food, like Irish stew, colcannon/champ (mashed potatoes with spring onion), or even soda bread (with raisins)!

Or you could embrace the green theme even more and make a simple green smoothie, milkshake, or mint sundae. You can make any food green with a drop of food colouring - why not give it a try?

Look for Signs of Spring

Clovers, known as shamrocks, are often thought to be one of the first signs of spring and are a big part of Irish culture.

St. Patrick is thought to have used a three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity. Plus, the four-leaf clover is so rare that it’s thought to bring luck as well as hope, faith, and love – one thing for each leaf!

So, why not go looking for them? The odds are 1 in 10,000, so if you do find one, you’re luckier than most!

Tips to Prepare for Triggers

If you decide you want to go out or see a parade, be prepared for crowds and triggers. In this situation, the best tactic may be to avoid situations that you know will be difficult for you. But, if this isn’t possible, then you need to prepare for these risks.

You can do this by:

  • Choosing who to spend the day with - Spend your time with sober friends!
  • Setting boundaries - Have someone there for support if you think alcohol may be present.
  • Have somewhere to go - Plan an exit route for if it gets overwhelming and decide where you’ll go if you need to leave.

You can also reach out for support! Some people find that the best place to spend difficult days is in a recovery meeting, like Alcoholics Anonymous, or with another support group. There’s no shame in choosing not to engage in activities or events that may be difficult for you in your recovery.

Support for Your Recovery

Whether you’re choosing to celebrate a different way this St. Patrick’s Day or are opting to ignore this holiday for your own wellbeing, New Leaf Recovery is here for you! We’re an alcohol rehab in the West Midlands offering both alcohol addiction treatment and alcohol addiction help - depending on the level of support you need.

If you need support or want to get started in your recovery - get in touch today! We’re here to help you turn over a new leaf.