Tom Hardy explains the problems he had with his addiction

On Friday 10th August 2018, Tom Hardy admitted about his drug addiction and the problems he had with it.

Tom Hardy celebrated his 13th year of being sober this year but however says that he must stay in control to ensure it doesn’t take over his life. He quit drugs in 2003 but however turned back to alcohol later due to a spell in rehab and the breakdown of his marriage.

He admitted how he would ‘sell his mother’ for cocaine when he was at his lowest point. However when Tom woke up to find himself laying in a pool of his own vomit and blood, he decided to check himself back into rehab.

Hardy explains that being sober isn’t easy and it is hard to stay clean but he says his tattoos serve as a reminder of how far he has come.

It is down to rehabilitation that Hardy has now overcome his drug and alcohol addiction. If you know anyone that is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction as well as any other addiction such as activity addiction contact New Leaf Recovery today.

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