What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is when someone creates a fixation or compulsion around someone else. It can lead to unhealthy behaviour towards their ‘loved’ one, leading to further problems down the line.

Love Addiction

Common Signs of Love Addiction

People often confuse love addiction with sex addiction, but it is important to understand that these are two very different types of addiction.

Common signs of love addiction include:

  • The need to be in love or fall in love often
  • Putting a romantic partner on a pedestal
  • Having an obsession with your partner
  • Becoming dependent on them
  • Unable to be alone
  • When you are not around your partner, you experience withdrawal for them
  • Seeking comfort even if feelings are unrequited.

Putting your romantic partner on a pedestal is something we all do and is considered ‘normal’ to some degree, but when this becomes obsessive, it becomes more of an addiction.

It might be difficult to spot these signs in other people around you, but if you do, seek advice on how to deal with this!

What Love Addiction May Lead To...

Those suffering with love addiction often find themselves in unstable relationships. They may even find themselves in abusive relationships, but because of their addiction, they do not leave or continuously go back to their partner.

Often, those seeking comfort in their partner obsessively will be suffering from some form of self-esteem issues as well. They will be seeking love, attention, and assurance from the person they have fixated one, even if there are unrequited feelings in the relationship.

When you take things one step further with your partner and bring sexual activity into the relationship, this activity can release chemicals in the body which develop into intense attachments and emotions. These feelings of euphoria may drive a love addict further into obsession as they get hooked on these chemical feelings too!

New Leaf Can Help You!

If you notice any of these signs within your own relationship, or between a loved one and their partner, contact New Leaf Recovery Project today! We are able to offer support, guidance and rehabilitation for anyone struggling with love addiction.