What Should I Bring to Rehab?

If you’ve decided to enter a rehab facility to access addiction treatment and get the support you need, then you may be wondering what to pack. Here at New Leaf Recovery, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you decide what you should bring to rehab, and what’s best left at home.

Packing what to bring for rehab

How Long Should I Pack For?

Our treatment plans here at the New Leaf Recovery Project range from 7 days to 28 days. As there will be washing facilities enough clothes for one week should be enough, but you should bring enough toiletries for 28 days.  While temporarily living in this new environment you may not know what to expect or bring with you. There are certain things that may be nice to have but are not essential, and others that may be crucial. Additionally, there are certain items that may not be recommended or even prohibited from being on the property of your chosen rehabilitation centre. Make your admission easy with our guide!

What Should I Bring to Rehab?

The most important things to bring to rehab are items that will help with your personal care while in treatment, for example:

  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for the season, including pyjamas and workout clothes.
  • Comfortable shoes without laces, like sneakers/slip-ons and shower shoes like sliders/flip flops.
  • Unopened toiletries or personal hygiene products, including a toothbrush.
  • A list of people that you consider to be your support system and their details, including phone numbers and addresses. If you want to write letters to these individuals, you should also consider bringing envelopes and stamps!
  • A notebook or journal to reflect on your time here at New Leaf and record your thoughts, progress, and experiences during your recovery process.


Although many of our clients come to rehab to get away from the environment associated with their addiction there might be a comfort item from home, like a childhood blanket, that makes your room at New Leaf feel more homely. If this is the case, then we would encourage you to bring your comfort item where appropriate.

What Isn’t Allowed at a Rehab Facility?

There are certain items that are strictly prohibited from entering rehab facilities for safety purposes. These include:

  • The addiction you or our other residents may be detoxing from, or any objects containing it.
  • Hazardous objects, like sharp or flammable items.
  • Unapproved or unsealed medications.
  • Unnecessary amounts of cash or expensive items.
  • Food or drinks. Nutrition is a vital part of recovery, which is why your rehab will provide your meals and beverages as a part of their service. Our chef, Yvonne, will discuss, assess, and cater for each person’s needs, which include any cultural or health-related requirements.

Turn Over a New Leaf With New Leaf Recovery

Entering rehab may be a drastic change to your life before rehab. For those seeking to recover from their addiction, this is often a huge benefit that helps the recovery process. However, packing to right things can help make the adjustment to a new environment much easier.

To help you succeed in recovery from addiction it’s crucial that your chosen rehab gives you the right tools to prepare you for continuing your recovery journey once you leave rehab. To learn more about what to expect at rehab, take a look at our recent blog and video.