What Your Body Does After Being One-Month Alcohol-Free

Whether you are choosing to go sober because of an addiction, health benefits or to join in with Sober October, there are many ways in which your body will benefit from abstaining from alcohol for a whole month. These include:

No Alcohol for Dry January

Improving your mental health

Staying away from alcohol from as little as one month is proven to improve your mental health within this time frame. This is because alcohol is known to be a depressant which can have serious negative effects on your mental health, as it can cause your moods and energy levels to drop.

Helps to lose weight

Drinking a lot of alcohol means that you consume more calories. This is because most alcoholic drinks have more calories than either protein or carbohydrates. As you cut out the alcohol, your calorie intake will decrease overtime and therefore will help you to lose weight quickly.

Improved hydration

Alcohol causes dehydration as it displaces water from tissues and makes your body pass fluids, more frequently. This is proven as a symptom of a hangover is dehydration. Also, individuals can suffer from low concentration and energy levels, cracked lips and less vibrant skin due to excessive alcohol drinking. When you stop drinking, you will not be as dehydrated and therefore your body will slowly return to ‘normal’.

Regenerate your liver

Your liver doesn't process alcohol efficiently, especially large amounts of it. So when alcohol gets ingested, the liver must work extra hard in order to process the consumption and eventually, because of this, it will become exhausted. Additionally, the liver will work to regenerate itself and furthermore produce new cells to fix any issues that arise.

Stopping the alcohol will mean that your liver will have time to flush out all the leftover alcohol.

Helps you save money

An alcohol detox doesn’t just have benefits for your physical and mental health but also has a financial benefit. Alcohol costs money and a lot of money depending on how much you are consuming. This means that when you cut back on alcohol, you will also cut back on costs and enables you to be able to use the ’extra’ money on necessities.