Why Acceptance is an Essential Part of Recovery

Being accepting of the situation is an essential part of recovery. This is because when you learn to accept your circumstances, it can open a whole new door to sobriety.

Addiction Recovery - Believe in Yourself

Let go of shame

Shame is one of, if not the most powerful driver of the addiction cycle. It prevents individuals coming to terms and accepting their problem and reaching out and getting the help they need. Letting go of the shame and accepting the situation for what it is, for example a treatable illness rather than a failure will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

When you are able to let go of the shame, see your addiction as a solvable issue and something that you should not be ashamed of, it will become easier to take the necessary steps to change.

Learn from your ‘mistakes’

Acceptance will allow you to learn from your previous actions and learn valuable life lessons – and this goes with everything in life. In life, we experience difficult situations and from them, we grow as people and come out the other side. But you can’t learn from your mistakes if you deny them.

Remember, no one is perfect, we have all made mistakes. Its learning from those mistakes what counts!

Set goals for your recovery

Accept that your recovery is not going to be an easy process either – there will be ups and downs, but it will be worth it! Understanding that you will struggle and that there will be days where you will feel a thousand emotions will enable you to set goals and realistic expectations for yourself. Even better, when you overcome/ achieve the goals and show yourself that you can do it, you will feel better in yourself and notice that you are one step closer to sobriety.