Why People Are Avoiding Going to Rehab

Studies show that 96% of individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol believe they do not need to seek treatment for their addiction. It is important that we are encouraging people we love and care about to seek the help they require and that it is possible to overcome an addiction with professional support and in the right, safe environment.

Anxious to go to Rehab

What are the main factors stopping addicts from seeking help?

An individual may justify not going to rehab for many personal reasons. However, the main reasons why an individual does not want to seek help and attend rehab for their addiction include:

1) Denial

Addicts are either in denial that they are addicted to a substance or in denial that it is affecting their life negatively and therefore is oblivious to the harm that the addiction is having on their life including their health and potentially their relationships and job.

2) Shame

Many addicts are ashamed of their situation and therefore do not want to discuss with others/ professionals the situation they are in and seek help for it. The first step to seeking help with an addiction is reaching out for help. We understand here at New Leaf that that takes a lot of courage to seek help, but we are here to support you every step of the way!

3) Determination

It takes a lot of motivation and determination to get treatment for your addiction and furthermore, continue this once you leave rehab. However, the long-term benefits of sobriety are worth it and should outweigh any doubts you are having.

4) Uncertainty of what rehab involves

For those who wish to know what rehab entails before going, at New Leaf Recovery our recovery programmes include:

  • Assessment: this will determine the type of addiction you have and how severe it is.
  • Treatment plan: here at New Leaf, we understand that everyone has different needs and each individual’s recovery journey is going to be different so we create a tailored recovery programme for each individual attending our residential rehab. The first stage of the treatment plan is often a medical detox which is then followed by different treatment methods and therapies.
  • Once your time in rehab has come to an end, we will then create an aftercare plan to help you integrate your recovery into everyday life and prevent the chances of relapsing.

New Leaf are here for you! If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, contact us today via our online contact form or call us on 0300 999 0330.