Danniella Westbrook ordered to Drug Rehab Centre

Danniella Westbrook, 45 a former actress has been ordered to attend a drug rehab centre after a shocking appearance on ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show.

Aired on 8th Feb 2019 Daniella openly discussed how she regularly uses drugs and admitted to taking cocaine 4 days before the show. The involvement of drugs has been present in Danniellas life since the age of 14, before winning her role in EastEnders at the age of 16. By the age of 21, the average spend was £400 per day on cocaine.

She is now attending a three-month programme to help beat her cocaine addiction, where she is said to be ‘loving life, as she spends her Saturday night eating Chinese food with her housemate’. Whilst updating her Twitter account regularly she has issued a message to all her fans thanking them for their kindness whilst spending her time in the drug rehab unit. Her new 12 step programme is one Danniella has never attempted previously and is said to be grateful to be receiving this.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive and difficult to control, despite having harmful consequences in number of factors. Repeated drug use leads to brain changes, flooding the brain with a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine plays a major role in the brains reward-motivated behaviour and is also known as the ‘feel good hormone’. Which is why drug addiction can be challenging to overcome.

Drug Rehab Centre

Drug rehab centres such as ours here at New Leaf Recovery work with the individual client to help support those who are seeking rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction, to eliminate the habit and alter the brain chemical pattern. New Leaf is a private residential service that provides 1-1 support to suit your own personal circumstances.

We offer a safe environment where our programme doesn’t just end at rehab. This continues into aftercare enabling full resettlement into society, work and home for a positive future. All programmes are delivered by professional, caring members of staff who have first-hand experiences of addiction, many of whom have gone through recovery previously with the new leaf project.

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