Youth Gambling on the rise

Gambling is not a new concept, but many have noticed a rise in its prevalence over recent years with experts now concerned about the rise in younger adults gambling in some form.

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Gambling on the rise

The Rise in Gambling Advertising

In recent years, there have been a significant number of television adverts that relate in some way to gambling. Although TV adverts are now heavily regulated when it comes to gambling, this does not prevent them from being shown at all.

Television adverts must not:

  • Condone, portray, or encourage gambling behaviour.
  • Exploit susceptibilities or lack of knowledge of children, young adults, or vulnerable persons.
  • Suggest gambling is a solution to financial pressures.
  • Appeal to children or young people.
  • Feature anyone under the age of 25 years old in a significant role or gambling.

(For further information on TV regulations for gambling, click here.)

Although television adverts are highly regulated, this does not seem to have prevented an increase in the number of people across the UK gambling in some way.

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Gambling & Sports

Gambling has always been linked to sports, creating an opportunity for fans to place bets on games, horses and more. But has this become more of a problem in the UK than ever before?

Some startling statistics show the UK to have held 23% of the European sports betting market in 2021, emphasising the link between the two and highlighting one of the biggest starting points for gambling addictions.

From simple bets on a horse in a race to placing accumulators on matches across a weekend or even a season, gambling and sports have a deep-rooted link that can result in big or small wins for many, but also catastrophic losses for many others when their bet doesn’t pay off.

If someone you know is spending too much money on their favourite sports, seek advice or support from New Leaf Recovery today.

Gambling & Video or Virtual Gaming

Recent statistics have also shown a rise in online gambling via video or virtual gaming.

This may not seem like gambling at the time, but online gaming is taking more and more money from users in new and inventive ways, giving the impression that gambling is not taking place. However, with games now having in-app purchases or opportunities to win more, this is a newer form of gambling that can start from a much younger age.

Games can also represent casinos or gaming machines, creating a sense of ‘sensible’ gambling, when in reality, this is creating an unhealthy habit from a younger age, leading many to think as they grow up that they can control their chances. This is often not the case.

If children or young adults are spending more time on their games, find out why and encourage healthy behaviours before problems begin to form and take root.

Signs of Gambling Problems or Addiction

There are a number of signs that you can look out for within your friends, or family in order to pick up on a gambling problem early.

  • Skipping work or classes for gaming.
  • Spending less time with friends.
  • Avoiding time with family.
  • Poor health, sleep, and nutrition.
  • Lying about the amount of money spent or gambling or gaming.
  • Borrowing or stealing money to use on games or gambling habits.
  • Increased drink or drug use.
  • Constant thoughts about gambling or playing their games.


If you are noticing any of these signs in a loved one, or even yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with New Leaf today. Our team can help and support you with your gambling addictions.

Record Numbers and Statistics within the UK

In 2023, startling figures were reporting in young people across the UK for gambling:

  • 26% of 11-17 year olds had spent their own money on gambling in 2023.
  • 7% of 11-17 year olds were identified as problem gamblers, 1.5% were at risk.
  • 80% of young people who had spent money on gambling did so because they saw it as a fun thing to do.
  • 29% of those young people understood gambling did not make them happy.
  • 28% of young people had witnessed parents living with gambling.

(Figures available from Gambling Commission)

Although some of these figures, when looked into further, highlight positive changes in younger perceptions of gambling, they do nonetheless highlight a problem that is on the rise.

The company Gamstop recorded over 92,000 sign ups in 2023 for their national self-exclusion scheme for gambling. This was a 9.5% increase from 2022, bringing figures to nearly half a million in the UK. It was noted that there was a rise in young adult sign ups, particularly those between 16 and 24, increasing by 31% in the latter half of 2023.

Gamstop offers exclusions ranging from 6 months to 5 years, offering people an opportunity to step away from their gambling habits for that duration of time.

For more figures from Gamstop, click here. If you would like to look into Gamstop for yourself or a loved one, find them online here.

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