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Does crime pay?

It’s a well-known fact that crime pays but exactly how much does it pay? Some of the richest people in the world have lived a life of crime and most of those have earned their fortune from drug dealing or smuggling. Let’s have a look at some of biggest earners below: Frank Lucas was a…

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Opioid Drug Use UK – Is Fentanyl Deadlier Than Heroin?

With the increase in the use of synthetic opioids across the united nations, a worldwide drug report has found that the amount of deaths by overdose has risen in the United States and Tramadol is causing a ‘crisis’ is parts of Africa. Fentanyl is one of the worst offenders and due to the uncontrolled dosage…

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When to go to rehab for alcohol (Signs, Symptoms, Dangers & Treatment)

Alcohol is a legal substance that if consumed in excess can cause damage to an individual’s health as well as affecting the lives of those around them. When consumed at a controlled rate, alcohol can lower feelings such as anxiety, making the consumer feel better. However, if your life is negatively affected by alcohol consistently,…

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Is Weed Addictive? (The Side Effects & Dangers of Marijuana)

Marijuana, which is also referred to as weed, is becoming ever more popular in today’s day and age. Many marijuana users believe it is not addictive however this is far from correct. Due to the type of substance marijuana is, it develops addictive behaviour slowly and therefore users may not even notice they are becoming…

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Do I Need Rehab? (6 Signs You Need to Seek Addiction Treatment)

Facing an addiction alone can be tough, especially when you don’t know what addiction treatment is available. Here we explain the signs which signal to you that you need addiction treatment. A healthcare professional has made you aware that your substance use is negatively affecting your health. The abuse of alcohol and general consumption of…

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Everything you need to know about video game addiction

Ever since the 1950s, gaming has increased in popularity to the point where for some individuals it is causing more serious problems. Video game addiction has been raising concerns for parents and partners who are worried their loved ones could suffer long term effects by playing video games in excess. Here we explain everything you…

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