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How have you benefited from Dry January?

Every year so many of us take part in a month of laying off the booze and becoming alcohol-free for 31 days. But do you know how this has benefited you and your health? Here at New Leaf Recovery, we explain the benefits of dry January. What is Dry January? Dry January is a month…

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Street Valium said to be the cause for increased drug deaths

After early data has shown a 43% rise in the number of drug-related deaths between January and October 2018 in Glasgow, it is said that street drugs being sold as Valium have been the cause. Glasgow has seen a rise in a drug called “street blues”. The drug, which is being sold is large quantities,…

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The difference between private and free rehab centres UK

When seeking rehabilitation from your addiction, free rehab centres may seem like the right choice, especially when these free programmes could work. However, free programmes aren’t always as effective as they could be. Something to bear in mind when choosing between free and private rehabilitation is the waiting times involved with free rehab.  Due to…

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Closing of rehabilitation centres in the last five years

Approximately a third of all publicly funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have closed in the last 5 years and therefore the lack of support for those addicts who are looking to come clean has unfortunately decreased. In April 2013, according to the private drug rehab provider UK addiction treatment centres, there were 195 publicly…

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Katie Price Checks into Rehab Following PTSD Diagnosis

  After suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), former model Katie Price has checked herself into rehab, which is believed to be for 28 days. This news comes after a tough few months, which included a divorce from Kieran Hayler and drug use allegations. PTSD is a type of anxiety that is often diagnosed after a…

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Tom Hardy explains the problems he had with his addiction

On Friday 10th August 2018, Tom Hardy admitted about his drug addiction and the problems he had with it. Tom Hardy celebrated his 13th year of being sober this year but however says that he must stay in control to ensure it doesn’t take over his life. He quit drugs in 2003 but however turned…

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