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Are you struggling with addiction? Are you looking for rehabs near me that can help you get the treatment you need? If so, you've come to the right place. Our private addiction recovery centre in Birmingham is dedicated to helping people overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

The New Leaf Recovery Project is a trusted residential detoxification and rehabilitation centre, offering specialised treatment for substance misuse. Our passionate team, consisting mostly of individuals in recovery themselves, embraces empathy as the foundation of our person-centred and realistic treatment approach.

New Leaf Rehab Centre

What We Do: Private Addiction Treatment

We understand that detox and early recovery can be daunting, so our mission is to equip each client with a strong foundation of skills and tools to lead a life free from addiction. Our commitment doesn't end with treatment; we provide aftercare options to support a smooth transition back to everyday life.

The Detox Experience

For many, the journey starts with a detoxification period. Recognising the challenges and discomfort this may bring, we prioritise involving our clients fully in the planning and implementation of any medication regime so that no part of treatment is a shock.

Dr. Bashir, our experienced medical professional, conducts detailed assessments of withdrawal issues and health concerns, working collaboratively to determine the safest and most appropriate detox pathway. During this critical time, our team provides round-the-clock physical and emotional support to ensure the utmost comfort.

Self-care is paramount during detox, and we prioritise good nutrition and hydration, accommodating specific dietary needs through the expertise of our dedicated and experienced chef.

Benefits of Private Rehabs Near Me

At New Leaf, we have designed an comprehensive and diverse rehabilitation programme that goes beyond addressing substance use. Our programme aims to deepen the understanding of addiction as an illness, exploring its impact on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours while fostering self-acceptance and personal responsibility.

Through targeted group therapy sessions, regular one-on-one meetings with support and recovery workers, assignment work, and readings, clients develop personalised recovery plans and a belief in their ability to cope with life without substances. We introduce fellowship meetings and sponsorship, actively engaging with NA, AA, and CA meetings outside the facility.

What Can You Expect From Rehab?

Holistic Approach to Healing

We believe in the importance of self-care, often neglected during active addiction. Our programme strikes a balance with various therapeutic sessions, including Reiki and acupuncture, art therapy, a fitness and exercise group, and psychological movement therapy.

We recognise that addiction recovery encompasses more than the physical aspect; it also involves emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Our holistic approach integrates therapeutic practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to promote overall wellness and lasting recovery.

The Treatment Environment

At New Leaf, we offer a safe, confidential, and serene environment, allowing our clients to focus solely on their healing journey. Our team provides ample physical and emotional support, creating a supportive "bubble" conducive to self-discovery and growth.

Extensive Support Services

We firmly believe in addressing the unique needs of each individual on their journey to recovery. Hence, we provide a wide array of support services that enhance the effectiveness of our tailored treatment programmes:

  1. Individual Therapy: We conduct one-on-one sessions to explore personal struggles, facilitate healing, and develop coping strategies.
  2. Group Therapy: By engaging in group therapy sessions, individuals find camaraderie, understanding, and encouragement from peers who share similar experiences.
  3. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): When appropriate, MAT is integrated into treatment plans to reduce withdrawal symptoms and manage mental health, fostering a stable foundation for recovery.
  4. Life Skills Training: We equip our clients with essential life skills to navigate challenges post-treatment successfully. From coping mechanisms to stress management, our goal is to enhance overall well-being.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Understanding that addiction affects each person uniquely, we prioritise personalisation. Upon admission, our team conducts comprehensive assessments to craft a tailored treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment

Your wellbeing and comfort are paramount to us. Our facility provides a safe, confidential, and serene environment, allowing you to focus entirely on your recovery without distractions. Our staff have all experienced recovery themselves; they are empathetic to your situation and know how best to help!

New Leaf, New Start, New Life

Our programme embodies the essence of renewal and transformation. We believe in the power of a fresh start and a new life free from the shackles of addiction.

Searching for rehabs near me? If you are ready to take the first step towards a life free from addiction, reach out to us today.

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Our Complete Recovery Journey - from your initial enquiry, all the way through treatment and beyond into ongoing support, New Leaf Recovery are there to guide and support you.

New Leaf offers a complete journey of treatment - from initial detoxification and rehabilitation to ongoing support, including aftercare, family support, and beyond into long-term recovery.

Getting the right accommodation enables us to provide the right backdrop for our recovery methods.  Any form of rehabilitation needs to happen in a safe, comfortable, secure and friendly environment.


"My key-worker was great – so approachable and patient. I believe coming to New Leaf was the best decision I have ever made”

Emma, 28

“New Leaf felt like a home from home – I feel blessed. During my time here I felt listened to, respected and above all, safe”

Adam, 34