How Do You Know if You’re Addicted to Video Games?

How do you know if you're addicted to video games and how can you stop

What Is Video Game Addiction?

In a world where new technology is released every month, it is not hard to believe that gaming has become more of a trend among younger generations. Having been through a pandemic and lock-down, gaming has become almost a friend to so many people.

Is Video Game Addiction a Real Thing?

But is ‘gaming addiction’ a real thing? Many people are now accustomed to having a phone attached to their hand with apps galore on it. These apps include the essentials, but for many, they also include some form of game. If they are not on their phone, they may be on a games console, connecting with other gamers online or using a virtual reality headset to go exploring.

But is it the technology that is causing the addiction? Some would say it is the game itself that is causing the addiction, not the technology. Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are used for several things, such as business, as well as for gaming. So, can these new technologies really be considered the cause of addiction? A game application that creates an immersive experience for the user will draw their attention more and more. Here lies the root of gaming addiction…

Signs of Gaming Addiction

If you know someone who is always thinking about that one game, someone who seems irritable when they are not playing some form of game or spends a lot of time planning their gaming sessions, they may be showing signs of gaming addiction.

Often, playing video games for long periods of time can cause migraines or strain on the eyes. So much screen time can also bring on fatigue. Gamers may be found lying around more, hiding away, and becoming anti-social, even at home. As they are so focused on the game, their hygiene will begin to slip, and you many find yourself having to push someone to go and take a shower. These are some of the common, physical signs of a potential gaming addiction.

Can You Manage Your Gaming?

Spending so much time in an immersive world can have long term effects and may lead to further health problems. If you or someone you know think they spend too much time on games, think about if you know how to manage this.

It is often said that games can be a way for people to find stress relief, a method to calm their anxiety about something or mask other underlying issues. Try to find ways of addressing this anxiety and stress. Show them that you don’t have to resort to the artificial, digital world to find peace of mind. Talk about it with them and try to find new ways or other methods that calm their mind.

Struggling to Find a Break From Gaming?

If you find yourself struggling to take a break from video games, there are support systems available to help you. To overcome addiction of any form, the first step is to seek help. At New Leaf Recovery, we can offer the support you need for gaming addiction with a variety of treatment options and support. Help turn over your new leaf and begin your recovery journey. Get in touch today.