Is Vaping Cannabis Bad?

There are risks involved with both smoking and vaping. However, as vaping is relatively new compared to smoking, there is less data on the long-term health effects it can have.


The difference between smoking and vaping weed

To vape cannabis, the oil is heated through a vaporizing device such as an e-cigarette, whereas smoking marijuana is rolled up using papers and smoked.

Smoking weed comes with a list of negative health problems. The possible health effects of chronically smoking marijuana include:

  • Weaker immune system
  • Develop a cough
  • Increased risk of bronchitis
  • Increased risk of respiratory tract injections
  • Possibility of developing a wheeze
  • Excessive mucus production

But can you develop the same health problems from vaping weed? As we all know, there are risks associated with the use of any substance that alters your mind and body. However, there is not enough data at this point in time to know whether or not vaping can lead to the same healthcare issues, especially vaping cannabis. This being said, this doesn’t mean that smoking weed, or tobacco is a positive alternative option to vaping.

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