Darrell came to New Leaf Recovery straight from hospital. Darrell had been admitted to hospital after a life-threatening Hypoglycaemic episode, he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes from a young age so had a good awareness of how to manage his diabetes but the progression of his alcoholism had resulted in many parts of his life becoming unmanageable including his health. Darrell had had a dangerous relationship with alcohol from his early adult years but had managed to keep the true extent of his drinking hidden from his family until a few weeks before he came into treatment when the country went into lockdown and his drinking behaviours could no longer be hidden. As a result his wife and two daughters were hurt and questioning why he hadn’t confided in them earlier.

Due to Darrell’s hospital stay he didn’t require a detox on admission which meant we could get straight into his assignment and group work. Darrell had to face his consequences right from his first day in treatment as his wife had asked him to leave the family home so we worked with Darrell to help him find safe accommodation for after his treatment.

During Darrell’s stay, he read out his life story and started to learn about how an ability to be emotionally honest and discuss his thoughts and feelings with other people was the best way to learn how to cope with everyday life as well as any future difficulties he might face. Increasing awareness over his triggers was also an important part of Darrell’s journey so he could start trying to learn about the new coping mechanisms he would need in his life.

At New Leaf we recognise that addiction is a family-based illness and therefore try and work with the family members also, so everyone is on the same page and can start their recovery together. Therefore we try and include family mediations into treatment programme’s where we believe it will be beneficial to the client. Darrell’s treatment included a family mediation so everyone had an opportunity to air their concerns in a safe and controlled environment to help better prepare Darrell to repair relationships and to give family members some insight into recovery.

Following Darrell’s discharge he has stayed in touch with our team at New Leaf and continues to work on his recovery. As Darrell has committed to himself and his recovery his family relationships have been improving as well and some of the damage that was done over the course of his addiction have started to be repaired.

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